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Ma Sang Woo is a composer of over 70 films and TV drama as well as games and advertising campaigns. He began scoring features shortly during his bachelor’s degree at Chung-Ang University in 2007. He wrote the score for “The Time Between Dog and Wolf” at age 22.

With this starting point he has scored numerous TV dramas and films hits such as

TVN “Goblin”, NETFLIX “My Name”, FILM “Pirates”.

His innate ability to forensically diagnose how music can best contribute to the atmosphere of a film, coupled with his ability to create strong orchestral themes undercut with a brooding melancholy, has proved the perfect musical companion to projects.


His motive is “Be creative and never satisfied with good enough and to give move to people with music by enjoying it”. His music has power which includes various human emotions so the work can be filled.

He is currently working on the Disney+ "GangNam B-Side", Coupang "Hide"

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